Samsung just won a big contract after losing out on Apple's business

Apple iphone samsung galaxy s6 edge smartphones goldKarlis Dambrans/Flickr (CC)An iPhone rests on top of a Samsung phone.

Samsung’s chip making business has been given a boost after it won a contract to make chips for Qualcomm, The Financial Times reports.

Apple, previously one of Samsung’s biggest clients, is expected to move its chip making business to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, starting this year.

According to analysts who spoke to The Financial Times, the deal with Qualcomm will fill the gap left by the lost business from Apple.

Samsung’s chip business made $10 billion (£7 billion) last year, according to analysts, and Apple accounted for over a sixth of that.

Samsung will be making the Snapdragon 820 processor, the latest model that replaces the 810. Qualcomm has been in trouble recently, as Apple smartphones — for which Apple make the chips — outsell others.

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