Samsung has 'Grand Theft Auto' exploding phone video removed from YouTube

Poor Samsung. A month and a half after its brand new Galaxy Note 7 phones were recalled after their batteries started exploding, the debacle is still a punchline in the tech world. 

One of the more amusing results of this scandal was a “Grand Theft Auto V” mod made by an enterprising player that turns sticky bombs into Galaxy Note 7s. That’s it. It just re-skins an existing weapon in the game to look like a cell phone for the sake of a topical tech joke.

Apparently, Samsung didn’t find it too amusing. According to The Verge, the original YouTube video showcasing the mod has been removed due to a copyright claim.

GTA V mod exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7Hitman Niko/Rockstar GamesThe mod in question.

It’s obviously very understandable why Samsung wouldn’t want this mod to exist. However, filing a copyright claim on a YouTube video that merely shows what the mod looks like seems like a bit of a reach, even if there is legal standing behind it.

Thankfully, one of the best and worst things about the internet is that nothing that has been put there can ever be truly removed. The original video is gone, but several others exist in its place. 

If you want to see the exploding Galaxy Note 7 “Grand Theft Auto V” mod in action, here’s another video uploaded by a different user:

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