Samsung Plans To Upstage The IPhone 5S By Announcing An IWatch-Killer And A New Giant Phone On September 4

Kate Upton SamsungDiane Bondareff/APKate Upton was once at a Samsung TV event.

Samsung will announce the “Galaxy Gear,” a smart watch running on Android on September 4th, SamMobile reports.

SamMobile is a Samsung-focused blog with an excellent track record of breaking news on Samsung.

In addition to the smart watch, Samsung is also going to announce a Galaxy Note III, the third iteration of its giant smartphone line. The new Note will have a screen of 5.68-inches.

The timing of Samsung’s announcement is fun.

On September 10, just six days later, Apple will announce its next iPhone, the iPhone 5S. It’s also probably going to announce the iPhone 5C, a new low-cost iPhone.

There’s a very good chance Apple will email reporters the formal invite to its iPhone event, thus taking a little spotlight away from Samsung.

But really, it’s Samsung that’s trying to upstage Apple.

Samsung will reveal an entirely new product with its smart watch, and it will reveal another giant phone.

Apple has been getting hammered for a lack of new innovative products, and for refusing to release an iPhone with a giant screen.

At one event, Samsung will do both!

Now, just because Samsung has a smart watch doesn’t mean it’s going to be any good. Samsung’s mobile success has a lot to do with copying Apple (and everyone else). There’s nothing to copy here, so who knows what it’s going to release.

Right before Apple released the iPad, Microsoft rushed to announce the Slate. It was DOA after Apple released the iPad. Microsoft is still trying to catch up four years later.

If we had to guess, we’d say Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is going to follow a similar pattern.

Here’s a patent filing annotated by SamMobile with some clues on what it would look like:

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