WATCH: Nice Try Samsung, But Your Voice-Controlled TV Is A Stinker

When Samsung first unveiled its new line of Smart TVs with voice and video control at its CES keynote Monday, we were pretty excited. 

Finally, someone beat Apple at its own game.

After seeing the Smart TV in action today, we now know why Samsung decided to hold off on a product demo on stage.

We crammed into Samsung’s Smart TV demo booth this morning with a bunch of other bloggers to check out the new motion and voice controls for Samsung’s devices. 

It stinks.

The TV only accepts basic commands like “Channel up” or “Volume Down.” What we really wanted to see was a way to control the content too. Imagine just saying “record The Walking Dead.” 

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 

To Samsung’s credit, the motion controls were pretty cool, but not cool enough to drop a few grand on the set.

Check out the video below for the full demo: