Side-By-Side Photos Of Samsung's MacBook Air Wannabe

macbook air and series 9

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Thanks to the recent lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has received a lot of criticism for copying Apple’s products.Based on brief time with Samsung’s new Series 9 laptop so far, those accusations feel true to me.

But it doesn’t matter. The Series 9 is a gorgeous piece of hardware, and has internal specs that beat the MacBook Air.

The Series 9 is one of the most well-designed and well-built laptops I’ve handled so far. And as a die-hard Mac user, that’s saying a lot.

I’ll have a full, in-depth review of the Series 9 next week, but enjoy the eye-candy in the meantime.

The case has a sleek, metallic feel to it

Love the curvy profile. It's a nice design touch

Even closed, the Series 9 is super thin

Thin, light, and extremely portable

Unlike the MacBook Air, you can see the hinges from the top and side

Here's a rear view of. Our only complaint about the design is the ugly hinge

Open it up, and it gets even thinner

The Series 9 really is gorgeous

A nice, 13-inch display

Even the power button looks slick

Samsung copied the MacBook's touch pad. It acts as your mouse button too

Front-facing camera for video chats

Yes, the Series 9 is thinner than the MacBook Air (13 inch)

Slightly different rear design than the Air

Side by side with the MacBook Air. They look very similar from this angle

The screen sizes are pretty much the same

Since the MacBook Air tapers down, it looks a bit thinner on the end

Samsung even borrowed the rounded-edge design for the back of the screen. Aside from the colour, they look almost identical

Like all Samsung displays, the LCD screen is bright and colourful

And HD video looks great

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