Samsung’s Hottest Android Phone Is Already More Popular Than The iPhone In Korea

galaxy s ii

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After 30 days, Samsung says it has already sold 1 million Samsung Galaxy S II phones in its home country of South Korea.The Galaxy S II is the update to Samsung’s wildly successful Galaxy line of Android phones that are available in some form or another on every U.S. carrier.

Just a week after the Galaxy S II went on sale in South Korea, its sales were already on pace to beat the iPhone 4 launch.

It only took a month to hit the 1 million mark, double the pace the original Galaxy phone sold in South Korea last year. 

Granted, it’s unlikely the phone will do as well outside of South Korea, but the strong sales numbers are a good sign for Samsung when the Galaxy S II finally comes to the U.S.

The Galaxy S II U.S. launch is still delayed, although it’s likely to come to Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint later this summer.

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