Samsung Releases E-Book Reader In South Korea

Samsung released an e-book reader in South Korea today, The WSJ reports.

One of South Korea’s largest bookstores, Kyobo Bookstores Co. will offer downloadable books for the device through its online store.

Kyobo currently has about 2,500 e-book titles.

The device, called SNE-50K, will cost about $270, or $30 cheaper than the Kindle costs here. It has a 5-inch touchscreen, 512 MB storage, and weighs 6.5 ounces. It’s lighter than the Kindle, and has more memory than Sony’s Reader.

But it does not have Internet connectivity and does not support wireless downloads. Users must download an ebook onto a PC and then transfer it to the SNE-50K, says the WSJ.

The Journal says that Samsung is developing versions of the device to be sold in other countries. Without Internet connectivity, it’s hard to see it competing with Amazon’s (AMZN) Kindle, in the U.S., at least.

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