Samsung Pulls Its Puppy Abuse Ad

samsung puppy ad

Samsung finally got a message that seems pretty obvious: It’s not funny to depict people beating puppies.

If you make an ad that depicts people mercilessly beating puppies (even if they’re really computers with drawn-on puppy-like features) everyone will hate it.

Face. Palm.

Samsung posted an official spot for a solid state storage drive earlier today with the deceivingly cute title, “Don’t Give Up On Puppy Love.” The ad, which was removed hours later,┬áreimagined computers as cute puppies with floppy ears, googly eyes, and lick-ready tongues. When the computers slow down, presumably due to poor memory space, their “owners” flip out and: 1) beat them with their keyboards, 2) throw them off a cliff, 3) shoot them with a bow and arrow, and 4) beat them with a shoe.

Yes, really.

The Viral Factory, which made the spot, told Mashable that Samsung did, in fact, commission the spot.

Although the ad has been taken down, here’s a mini-summary that pretty much sums up why people hated it so much:

It shows scared, puppy-like laptops about to get brutally beaten …

samsung puppy ad

By enraged owners

Lady Screaming From Samsung Ad

Photo: Screenshot

And their shoes.

samsung ad puppies

One day the puppy/computer is happy, loving life

samsung puppy computer

The next he is getting BEATEN in an inappropriate ad.

samsung puppy ad

Seriously, who would make a commercial about shooting a dog with an arrow?

samsung puppy ad

And then actually kill the dog?!? It makes no sense!

samsung puppy ad

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