Samsung Just Showed An Awesome New Oven That Lets You Cook More Than One Dish At A Time

Samsung wants to cut down on the amount of time it takes to cook multiple dishes. With its new Dual Door oven, Samsung claims you’ll be able to cook two different dishes in separate compartments with different temperatures.

The Dual Door oven can be used in three different ways, according to Samsung.

There’s a top door that provides access to a smaller compartment, and a full door that gives access to both the top and bottom compartments of the oven. You can also remove the divider between these two sections to use the full oven.

Samsung claims that even when you’re cooking more than one dish, the flavours, temperatures, and aromas of each type of food won’t interfere with one another.

The new oven will be available in spring of this year, but Samsung hasn’t specified when or how much it will cost.

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