Samsung Plans To Launch Multiple New Smart Watches Next Week

Samsung plans to launch at least two new versions of its Galaxy Gear smart watch next week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona according to reports from USA Today and The Verge.

One of the watches will run Tizen, an open source operating system Samsung is helping develop. The current Galaxy Gear runs Google’s Android mobile operating system. The Tizen watch would theoretically allow the new Galaxy Gear to sync with a bunch of different devices, not just Android phones.

The original Galaxy Gear launched last fall to poor reviews. Critics panned the device for its limited capabilities, bulky design, and poor battery life. Samsung has since updated the Gear with new software to address some of those issues.

Samsung has already said it plans to release a new Galaxy Gear along with its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. Those devices will officially debut on February 24 at the company’s press conference at MWC.

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