Samsung Mocks IPhone Users Whose Phones Keep Running Out Of Battery

A new ad from Samsung makes fun of Apple for a very specific problem iPhone users sometimes encounter.

In the spot, posted to YouTube on Friday, Samsung documents the foibles of the poor schlubs whose iPhones run out of battery while they’re waiting at the airport.

Instead of comfortably enjoying a nice meal like the Samsung users, the Apple customers are shown sitting uncomfortably on the floor so they can be next to power outlets and making unpleasant small talk with fellow “wall huggers.”

Samsung ad screenshot apple user wall huggerYouTube/Samsung Mobile USAThe new Samsung ad depicts an iPhone user charging his phone in an uncomfortable position.

The kicker, of course, is that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are free to do as they please because they’re using the phone’s ultra power saving mode, which limits the Galaxy S5 to essential functions to preserve battery. Galaxy S5 owners can also replace their battery when necessary.

By contrast, Apple is rumoured to be working to increase its battery strength for the iPhone 6.

Here’s the ad, made by the agency 72andSunny:

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