Samsung is reportedly working on a mixed reality headset for Microsoft's Windows

Microsoft HoloLensJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesMicrosoft’s own HoloLens is one of the leading Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Samsung appears to be working on a Windows Mixed Reality headset, according to a series of official-looking images posted by Twitter user WalkingCat which we first saw via The Verge.

Microsoft is going to hold a dedicated Windows Mixed Reality event next week where it will announce its plans for the platform as well as a number of headsets, which might include Samsung’s device.

Two things stand out about the headset: It appears to support six degrees of freedom for positional tracking, and Microsoft’s own motion controllers look like they will feature in the bundle.

Then there’s audio, as Samsung is seemingly integrating a pair of AKG headphones right into the headset, likely with adjustable cushions to better fit over the user’s ears.

There isn’t much more information on Samsung’s new gear, but chances are that it will join other Windows Mixed Reality headsets when the platform launches — alongside the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update — on October 17.

There is no indication on price, either, but we can expect it to fall within the $US300-500 (£220-370) range: Acer is placing its headset at $US299 (£219), while Dell and Lenovo are going slightly above that at $US349 (£259).

HP, on the other hand, is going up at $US499 (£369), but it will also include motion controllers, so Samsung’s own headset will likely hover around that price too.

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