Samsung Can Make Almost Any Ad — Even One About A Washing Machine — Go Viral

Samsung bearA screenshot from Samsung’s washing machine ad.

Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s cracked the code to get its ads straight to the top of viral charts — and not just for its Galaxy commercials.The brand’s Super Bowl spot, featuring Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, continues to be number one on the viral ad charts. But a different ad for a washing machine — that’s right, a washing machine — is the fifth most shared and viewed ad right now, Ad Age reports.

The ad, which was one of our ads of the day in January, shows what appeared to be an amateur film crew catching a bear washing its fur coat. 

It was made by the Viral Factory and not 72&Sunny, Samsung’s usual shop that works on its phone and tablet ads.

While this Viral Factory spot did, in fact, prove to be viral, another ad by the company was a major social media fail. “Don’t Give Up On Puppy Love” was removed a few hours after it was posted because it was criticised for showing people beating up their computers, which were reimagined as puppies. When the computers didn’t work properly, the owners angrily lashed out at their devices. Consumers were quick to point out the parallel between the ad and animal abuse.

So what can other brands learn from Samsung’s ads? Make a catchy, attention-grabbing ad that doesn’t offend. This proves much easier said than done, but when achieved, can definitely lead to advertising gold.

Watch the spot below:

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