Samsung Keeps Delaying Its New Tablet To Make It More Powerful Than The iPad

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung’s next big tablet release, the Galaxy Note 10.1, was supposed to be out by now.

But the company keeps delaying its launch so it can soup up the Note’s specs to beat the new iPad. 

When Samsung first showed off the Galaxy Note 10.1 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few months ago, it was powered by a modest dual-core processor. 

Now the Note will sport Samsung’s insanely fast quad-core processor called the Exynos. It’s the same processor Samsung will use in its new Android flagship phone, the Galaxy S III.

Samsung also redesigned the tablet with a slot for its “S-Pen” stylus, according to Android Community. Oddly enough, the Note didn’t have a slot for the stylus at first, even though its supposed to be one of the tablet’s defining features.

So when is the Galaxy Note 10.1 supposed to launch? We’re not exactly sure. The last thing we were told was “soon.” That was well over a month ago though.

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