Samsung Is Spending Millions To Announce Its New Mystery Device During The Super Bowl

Samsung has a special promoted tweet running today that teases its upcoming Super Bowl ad. We’ve known the ad was coming for several weeks now, but today we learned that it will be used to unveil a new Samsung device.

Here’s the tweet:


So what is this mystery product? Based on the rumours we’ve been hearing, we’re guessing a new tablet or the next generation Galaxy S III smartphone.

Samsung tweeted that the ad will play during the 4th quarter of the big game, and that it will be one of the longest commercials that night. Based on that, we’re guessing the company dropped several million just to announce its new product.

UPDATE: We just got a press release from Samsung saying the mystery device is actually the Galaxy Note, which it already announced a few weeks ago at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s kind of odd that Samsung would try to tease the commercial in this manner when we already know everything there is to know about the Note.