Samsung Is Killing The iPhone 5 In Web Video Ads Right Now

Jony IveApple’s Jony Ive: Not big on YouTube

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Apple’s launch of the new iPhone 5 has been a huge success … for Samsung.Due to some clever media buying and good timing, Samsung appears to be diverting millions of viewers toward its videos for the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III phones, while Apple’s iPhone 5 video effort is dead in the water.

As usual, the only video marketing Apple has published around the iPhone 5 launch is its traditional product specs intro, featuring Apple svp/design Jony Ive explaining, portentously, how the iPhone is “probably the object that you use most in your life.” On YouTube, only 100,000 have bothered watching it. (That it’s 7 minutes long — an age in web video — doesn’t help either.)

The iPhone 5 video has yet to make it onto Unruly Media’s viral video chart for tech ads. That chart is dominated by a hands-on video for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which has been seen by 2.5 million people since the beginning of the month and is the most-shared video in social media in the last 24 hours and the last seven days.

It’s not a coincidence, either. People searching for video of the iPhone 5 on YouTube get these roadblock ads from Samsung and Nokia, sitting on top of iPhone 5 results:


And the fact that Apple hasn’t yet launched an iPhone 5 commercial on its YouTube channel isn’t helping either — it’s left Samsung in the enviable position of serving video content into the gap created by Apple’s lack of new advertising. Starcom USA, part of Publicis Groupe, is Samsung’s digital ad agency. Samsung spends about $142 million annually on its Galaxy brands.

Here’s Apple’s iPhone 5 intro video, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note II ad that’s kicking its butt:

Now the Samsung ad:


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