REPORT: Samsung is going to bring most of its apps to iPhone

Samsung is going to bring its apps, which includes Gear Fit and others, to the iPhone later on this year, according to a report from SamMobile.

This isn’t the first move Samsung has made to add compatibility with iOS devices. Earlier this month, Samsung said it was going to bring the app needed to use its Gear S2 smartwatch to the iPhone.

According to the report, Samsung is initially going to bring a controller for the Galaxy View, its portable display, to the iPhone with plans to bring more later on.

Samsung is changing its business model as it heads into 2016, switching from a hardware company to a software company. Competition from low-end Android handset makers in emerging markets, such as Brazil and China, has forced Samsung out, while Apple continues to dominate the high-end.

It’s unclear if releasing apps for the iPhone is part of this plan, but the timing of the announcement suggests it is.

One theory, put forward by SamMobile, is that Samsung is looking for adoption of its Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as its Smart TVs. The company had previously only made apps for Android and the addition of an iOS app would expand the market.

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