Samsung is bringing back the Galaxy Note 7 with a new ‘Fan Edition’

GNote Fan Edition (hero)
The refurbished device is called ‘Galaxy Note Fan Edition.’ Samsung

It’s official: The Galaxy Note 7 is coming back from the ashes, and Samsung is giving the device the moniker “Fan Edition.”

The refurbished handset will go on sale on July 7, with the initial 400,000-unit batch shipping to customers in South Korea (other markets are to be “decided later”).

The Galaxy Note Fan Edition will have a spec sheet identical to the Note 7’s, save for the battery, which has been tweaked not to run into issues similar to the original version, which caused some phones to explode.

The new component is notably smaller at 3200mAh (as opposed to the original 3500mAh), but more importantly it features “multiple safety designs,” according to Samsung.

The company’s smart digital assistant Bixby is currently late on its release schedule, but Samsung plans to add the feature to the Fan Edition Note too nonetheless.

GNote Fan Edition
The device is virtually identical to the original Note 7, save for the embossed logo on the back. Samsung

The Galaxy Note 7’s true successor, provisionally dubbed “Galaxy Note 8,” is expected to debut later next month.

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