Samsung: Actually, We Made Gold Phones Long Before Apple Did

Apple fans nearly lost their marbles last week when Samsung showed off a gold version of its Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone.

That’s because Apple fans thought Samsung was once again copying its rival.

But that’s not the case, Samsung says in a company blog post. In fact, it was making gold-coloured phones years before Apple introduce its gold iPhone 5S. (And even if Samsung is copying Apple in this instance, so what? Although gold-coloured phones may seem tacky to a lot of people, there’s clearly a strong demand for them. Samsung is one of the few tech companies that has the resources to start cranking out gold versions of its devices, so why not do so and meet the demand?)

Need proof that Samsung has been making gold phones long before Apple?

Here you go:

This is the gold Galaxy S4, which will be available in some countries soon.

Here’s a gold Samsung flip phone from earlier this year.

Here’s a gold Samsung phone from way back in 2007, six years before Apple introduced the gold iPhone 5S.

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