This is the first commercial for a mainstream virtual reality headset

Samsung on Friday released its cheaper, lighter, Gear VR headset.

And over the weekend, the company released its first commercial for that virtual reality headset.

The 30-ad shows off some of the important features of the VR headset: it first and foremost requires a Samsung phone (specifically one of four Samsung phones released in 2015), and it can let you play games, watch movies, and experience real-world things you couldn’t readily do without a VR headset, like venture into outer space or swim with sharks in the ocean.

Though the headset itself costs $US100, it’s important to note this is not a $US100 device, since it requires one of Samsung’s most expensive phones to work — it literally does nothing without a phone powering it. And those phones can cost anywhere between $US500 and $US800.

Gear VR is powered by Facebook-owned Oculus VR, which means it works with Oculus’ platforms like its Oculus Video catalogue and Oculus Arcade, which lets you play classic arcade games in a virtual arcade machine.

You can currently buy Samsung’s Gear VR through Amazon, Best Buy, or directly through Samsung. Watch the first full ad for the device below.

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