The Most Important Features In Samsung's Beautiful New Fitness Gadget

One of Samsung’s newest smartwatches, the Gear Fit, launches April 11 along with the company’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy S5.

You can read the full review of the Gear Fit here and check out its most important features in the gallery below.

The Gear Fit pairs with your Samsung Galaxy phone via Bluetooth and a special app called Gear Fit Manager.

The device itself is actually this pill-shaped touchscreen computer. You insert it into a rubbery band.

Here's what it looks like on the wrist. The default horizontal orientation makes it difficult to read though.

You can switch the interface to this vertical alignment, which feels more natural.

But the narrow screen squishes the notifications to just a few characters per line. It doesn't look very good.

The Gear Fit can measure your pulse. That and other data syncs with S Health, a fitness app that comes with Samsung's Galaxy phones.

If you have an incoming call, you can decide to hang up or respond with a pre-written text message.

Here's one of the default pre-written texts you can send to someone calling you. You can customise the messages using the Gear Fit Manager app.

You can track your sleep habits if you wear the Gear Fit to bed.

The pedometer measures the steps you take and calories you burn.

You can log various types of exercises like jogging and biking.

There are several different clock faces to choose from, including this one that displays the current weather.

There are also a bunch of attractive wallpapers.

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