This Might Be The Best Thing Samsung Announced Today -- The Gear Fit, A Sleek Little Fitness Tracking Gadget

Samsung revealed a new wearable computing gadget today, the Gear Fit.

The Gear Fit is a mini computer that sits in a rubber watch band. It’s got a brightly coloured 1.8-inch curved Super AMOLED screen, and it runs on one of Samsung’s operating systems for feature phones.

It measures your steps, your heart rate, and other activities. It syncs all that data via Bluetooth to the S Health app, a fitness tracking program that comes with Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 and a few other Galaxy phones. The device can also display incoming notifications like phone calls and texts.

The Gear Fit is designed to compete with fitness bands like the Nike FuelBand, the FitBit Force, and the Jawbone UP.

We only had a few minutes to play with the Gear Fit, but in the time we had, we were impressed. It looked like a better device than any of the aforementioned devices. It also looks better than Samsung’s other smart watch, the Galaxy Gear.

We were in a demo room to see Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy S5, its new smart watch the Galaxy Gear 2, and the Gear Fit. The Gear Fit was the thing we were most drawn to. We think it’s the most exciting thing Samsung is announcing today.

Before we go further, we want to stress that we only had a few minutes with the Gear Fit, so this is not a review. It’s entirely possible this thing is a lemon, but in the time we got to test it, it worked nicely. Samsung didn’t tell us a price, and it didn’t tell us when exactly it was going to be out, but you can expect to be able to buy it around April. It also said battery life is 3-5 days depending on usage.

The Gear Fit is a little bit thick, but it’s not much bigger than a FitBit Force. It’s lightweight and it looks pretty good as a piece of hardware. Changing the watch bands is super easy, which is nice if you want to have it match your style.

We thought the software design was well done. Swiping from app to app was easy. Measuring our heart rate was a breeze. Overall, it just looked good.

The whole fitness tracking device market is exploding. Lots of companies are making wearable bands.

Of course, everyone is waiting for Apple to release an iWatch. Until that happens, Samsung may have the best fitness tracker on the market.

Here’s a video of the Fit:

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