These new leaked photos appear to reveal more details about Samsung's Galaxy S8

Leaked photos supposedly showing the upcoming Galaxy S8 seemingly confirm rumours about the device’s large display and narrow top and bottom borders.

The photos, which were first reported by SamMobile, were leaked on Twitter from a source who allegedly works at a Chinese protective film manufacturer. To see the larger versions of the photos, click the tweet below, and then click one of the images to bring up a larger version.

The leaker seemingly doesn’t have a track record, so take the following images with a grain of salt:

One of the photos show the “back” Android function button, which takes you a step back within an app, on the bottom of the display instead of on the bottom border where Samsung usually places them. 

For reference, here’s where the capacitive Android function buttons are found on the Galaxy S7 Edge’s bottom border:

Indeed, if the rumours are true that the Galaxy S8’s borders will be narrower than previous models, there would be little, if any, space for those Android function buttons.

Even if the leaked photos aren’t accurate, they represent a plausible alternative design for the placement of the Android function buttons.

Most Android smartphones already have the function buttons on the display — Samsung is one of the last holdouts in keeping the capacitive function button on the bottom bezel. It’s not a huge deal, but it could be a big change in the way Samsung designs its smartphones from now on.

Additionally, one of the other photos from the tweet above show what looks like a black colour option of the Galaxy S8, with black edges that look similar to the Jet Black iPhone 7. Of course, this could be the protective film surrounding the phone, which would make the edges look shiny — it’s difficult to know from these photos alone, so just keep in mind that this is purely my own speculation and observation.

As accurate as the photos may seem, keep in mind that the photos are from an unproven source, and every leak and rumour shouldn’t be considered fact until Samsung makes an official announcement. Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S8 during its own event in March instead of announcing it during MWC in Barcelona, when it usually announces its Galaxy S line of smartphones. 

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