New leaked photos claim to show Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Galaxy S8 Active Leak

The next Active version of a flagship Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone is going to look a lot different from past models, if new leaked images are any indication. 

On Sunday, a Reddit user posted images of what the person claimed to be the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, a new version of the latest Galaxy S phone. The images, which the Redditor claimed he got from a friend who works at Samsung in San Francisco, indicate that the S8 Active will not have the edge-to-edge display that the original model is famous for. Instead, it will have a flat screen with a thin black bezel around the edge of the device.

Gone, too — if the images are accurate — is the S8’s slim, smooth design. The “Active” versions of the Galaxy S phones are meant to be especially durable devices, and the rugged design of the new model indicates it was designed with that thought in mind.

According to Android Police, the Active’s body will be made of polycarbonate, while its sides will be meta. The new device will be about 1.5 times thicker than the original S8.

The Active’s internals reportedly will be the same as the the standard S8’s, however. It will have the S8’s stunning 12MP main camera and its 8MP front one. Like its sibling, the S8 Active will also have wireless charging and a dedicated button for Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby. 

Check out the video overview of the leaked model below.