It sounds like Samsung's next Galaxy phone will be incredibly fast

Galaxy S6 Photo BackPhone ArenaA reportedly leaked photo of the Galaxy S6 (not affiliated with Samsung)

Samsung’s new teaser for the Galaxy S6 focuses on one specific improvement: speed.

The 21-second clip, which the company tweeted on Tuesday (via Sam Mobile), opens with the line: “The faster I am, the more that gets done.” There’s also a lightning bolt at the end of the advertisement next to Samsung’s slogan for its Galaxy phones.

This hints that we’ll see some significant performance improvements with the Galaxy S6, which is expected to debut on March 1. It’s unclear exactly how Samsung will make its new flagship faster, but rumours have suggested the company will implement a version of Android that’s closer to the stock version you’d find on the Nexus 6. This could make performance seem a bit smoother and quicker.

The real improvement that’s likely to bring better performance is the new chipset that’s expected to power the Galaxy S6. Samsung released more details about its new mobile processor, the Exynos 7 system-on-a-chip, on Tuesday, and there’s a chance we’ll see this processor debut in the Galaxy S6.

It’s unclear whether or not the new chip will be used in the US version of the Galaxy S6 since Samsung usually puts its own chips in overseas versions of its Galaxy phones.

However, Bloomberg reported in January that Samsung would use its own processors instead of Qualcomm’s after its new chip overheated in a test in Korea.

Early benchmark tests for the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is rumoured to be another version of the S6 with a curved screen, hinted that the phone could be Samsung’s fastest yet.

Other than some performance improvements and cleaner software, the Galaxy S6 may come with wireless charging and a new metal design. We’ll know for sure on March 1 following Samsung’s press event in Barcelona.

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