Everyone Keeps Repeating The Same Wrong Samsung Rumour

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera modesSteve Kovach/Business InsiderThe next major Samsung phone won’t launch at CES.

This week, a few tech blogs rehashed a story that Samsung’s next flagship phone, the so-called Galaxy S6, will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

The rumour started on a Korean site, and has since been picked up by several US publications.

The rumour is false.

We’ve heard from people familiar with Samsung’s plans that its announcements at CES will focus on stuff like appliances, TVs, and the “internet of things” trend. The company is saving its mobile product announcements for later in the year. 

It’s more likely Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona in the beginning of March. We haven’t heard of any solid plans for that, but it is the same show where Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 this year. And we have heard Samsung doesn’t want to focus too much on its mobile products at CES.

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