A carrier just told us how much Samsung's Galaxy S6 will cost, and it's more than the iPhone 6

Lisa EadiciccoThe Galaxy S6

Samsung hasn’t officially announced how much the Galaxy S6 will cost, but T-Mobile revealed what appears to be the price for an unsubsidized Galaxy S6 in the details for a contest on its website (via The Verge).

T-Mobile is giving a free Galaxy S6 to four winners, and the details of the sweepstakes list the phone’s value as $US699.

There’s no indication as to what storage size that refers to, but as The Verge says that’s most likely the 32GB model.

The iPhone 6, by comparison, starts at $US649 without a carrier subsidy, but you’re only getting 16GB of storage versus 32GB at that price.

We wouldn’t recommend going for the 16GB iPhone 6 — it fills up way too quickly. Business Insider’s own Caroline Moss detailed her experience using the 16GB iPhone 6 and what lead her to ultimately ditch it for a 64GB model.

There’s still no word on how much the Galaxy S6 Edge will cost, but it will likely be more expensive than the Galaxy S6. This contradicts a report from Ars Technica that leaked before the Galaxy S6 was unveiled, which suggested the base 32GB model could cost $US849.

We won’t know for sure until Samsung and its carrier partners come forward to announce pricing.

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