LEAKED: Here's the clearest photo yet of the giant new Galaxy phone Samsung is supposedly launching

Samsung is reportedly planning to release a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge known as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in the coming weeks.

While we’ve seen leaked photos of the phone before, a new image published in a report by All About Samsung gives us our closest look yet.

Most of the leaked photos we’ve seen so far only include the phone itself, making it hard to gauge how large it is.

But the latest image shows the purported Galaxy S6 Edge Plus alongside the Galaxy Note 4, which gives us an idea of the phone’s size. It also makes the leak seem more believable, since it’s bigger size provides some evidence that it’s not just an image of the Galaxy S6 Edge being passed off as an unreleased phone.

Here’s a look at the two phones side by side, which All About Samsung posted. You’ll notice the new Edge Plus phone is about the same size as the Note 4, which means its screen is probably around 5.7 inches. That’s a lot larger than the 5.1-inch screen on the Galaxy Note Edge.

And here’s how the Galaxy S6 Edge will supposedly compare to the Galaxy Note 4 in terms of thickness, according to All About Samsung.

The blog notes that it’s a “dummy” version of the phone. This likely means the model shown in the picture isn’t the real thing, but is just meant to give us an idea of what the phone’s design will be like.

Samsung typically unveils a few new gadgets during the IFA Trade Show in Berlin, which takes place in early September. But, some rumours are suggesting that the company could unveil its next Note phone and the Galaxy S6 Edge at the same time at an earlier event in August.

Samsung declined to provide comment for this story.

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