A Carrier Website Might Have Just Leaked Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone

Samsung isn’t expected to officially unveil its new Galaxy smartphones until March, but British carrier Vodafone may have accidentally leaked the name of one unreleased Samsung device.

The company is likely to unveil a second version of the Galaxy S6 with a curved display, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Sources confirmed this to Business Insider’s Steve Kovach earlier this month, but now a page that appeared on Vodafone’s Dutch website provides further proof.

Netherlands-based blog Galaxy Club spotted the term “Galaxy S Edge” in the source code for Vodafone’s placeholder page for the Galaxy S6, as shown below.

Until this point we were fairly certain that a curved version of the S6 would be released, but we didn’t know what it would be called. Some have speculated it would be called the Galaxy S6 Edge, and one report indicated it might have a screen that curves on both sides rather than one like the Note Edge.

The S Edge will probably look a lot like the Galaxy Note Edge, but with specifications that are identical to the Galaxy S6. Rumours have suggested that the S6 will feature 5.1 inch 2560 x 1440 resolution display, a 64-bit processor, and an all-new metal design, but we won’t know for sure until March. The company is likely to unveil the new phone at a press event during Mobile World Congress on March 2.

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