This accessory solves the two biggest complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S6

With its Galaxy S6, Samsung started from scratch in terms of design. The phone comes with body made of metal and glass unlike the company’s previous phones, which were typically made of plastic and other materials.

But these design improvements come at a cost — now that the phone has a glass back, you can’t remove it to swap out the battery or add extra storage since there’s no microSD card slot.

If you’ve been missing these features, Incipio’s new case for the Galaxy S6 addresses both of those problems. The Incipio Offgrid case comes with an extra battery and a microSD card slot so that you can add extra storage to your phone and charge it when your low on juice.

The case lets you toggle between storage mode and charging mode, and the microSD card slot offers up to 128GB of extra space.

There’s a 3,700 mAh battery inside the case, which Incipio claims can double the S6’s battery life. To put that number in perspective, the Galaxy S6 comes with a 2,600 mAh battery, which means the battery inside Incipio’s case is significantly larger than the one already in your phone.

The case works with Samsung’s fast charging technology and comes with a bumper so that it can fit the Galaxy S6 Edge, too.

Incipio’s Offgrid case is $US89, which is around the same price as most other battery cases. It seems like a good deal compared to Mophie’s Juice Pack for the Galaxy S6, which costs $US99.95 and doesn’t offer additional storage. Its battery is also a bit smaller than that of Incipio’s Offgrid (3,300 mAh vs. 3,700 mAh).

As is the case with every battery sleeve, it looks like Incipio’s Offgrid adds a noticeable amount of bulk to your phone. That’s a compromise you’ll have to be willing to make if you want to add extra battery life and storage to you Galaxy S6.

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