Samsung May Release A Bunch Of Crazy New Accessories For Its Next Galaxy Phone

Samsung may release several accessories that add extra functionality to the Galaxy S6 rather than loading the phone itself with a ton of different features, according to blog (via Sam Mobile).

The Polish blog says Samsung will launch a few different covers, one of which will come with an E-ink display that adds a second screen to the back of the phone.

This would be ideal for reading books or checking notifications when your phone’s battery is running low, similar to the the YotaPhone 2 pictured below. There are also several cases for the iPhone that already do this.

Lisa EadiciccoThe YotaPhone 2

Health will also be another area of focus for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 accessory line. One accessory will reportedly be able to measure your blood sugar and heart rate, extending S Health’s functionality.

New camera lenses specifically made for the Galaxy S6 are also in the works, according to the report, but the blog didn’t share any additional details.

Samsung usually announces a handful of new accessories to go along with its smartphones, but we haven’t seen much beyond its Flip covers and headphones. We expect to learn more in March, since Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge at a press event in Barcelona.

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