The Most Important Features In Samsung's New Galaxy Phone

Samsung’s newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, arrives April 11.

You can read the full review of the device here, or check out some photos of the best features in the gallery below.

It has a 16 MP that takes really great photos.

There are a ton of different camera modes.

But the best camera mode is called Live HDR, which lets you preview your HDR photos before you shoot them. It's especially useful in settings with poor lighting.

Here's an example of a photo taken with the Galaxy S5 camera.

The phone has a plastic body with a textured backing. It feels better to hold than last year's phone, but it's still not as nice as the iPhone or HTC One.

The phone is water resistant, but there's a cover over the USB charging plug.

You have to fiddle the cover open whenever you want to charge the phone.

The back cover comes off so you can replace the battery, switch the SIM card, or add up to 128 GB of more storage with a microSD card.

It has a beautiful 5.1-inch screen.

There's a handy control panel that lets you switch on different features like Bluetooth and aeroplane mode.

The Galaxy S5 comes with S Health, a fitness tracking app that measures your steps, calorie intake, etc. You can also measure your pulse using the phone's heart rate sensor.

The Galaxy S5 reads your pulse when you place the tip of your finger on a sensor next to the camera flash.

Ultra Power Saving Mode will give you several more hours of battery life, even if your battery is as low as 5%. It turns your screen grayscale and only lets you access basic functions like phone calls and texts.

Samsung cleaned up its user interface. It's a lot easier to navigate settings and other features.

The fingerprint sensor requires you to swipe your finger over the button in order to unlock the phone without a passcode.

But you have to swipe it just right or it won't work. It's not as good as the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S.

There's a Download Booster feature that will let you download large files and apps at super fast speeds using a combination of WiFi and your wireless carrier's 4G LTE connection. You can get speeds 10 times or greater than normal this way, but it uses up your data plan.

There's an infrared blaster at the top of the phone. That means you can use the Galaxy S5 as a universal remote for your TV thanks to a special app that comes with the device.

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