Samsung's New Galaxy Phone Might Be Able To Read Your Fingerprint When You Touch The Screen

Hugo barra with samsung galaxy s4APFormer Google exec Hugo Barra with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, may have a fingerprint sensor that’s built into the screen, according to a report from iTechAddict, which has been pretty good with Samsung leaks before. (There have been a few other scattered reports saying the same thing in recent weeks.)

The new phone, which Samsung is expected to unveil at an event on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain, would in theory let you unlock the device just by tapping anywhere on the glass display. Apple added a fingerprint sensor to the new iPhone 5S, but embedded it in the home button instead of the screen.

What else do we know?

The Galaxy S5 may come in two variants: one metal and one plastic. The metal version would be a premium device with faster specs. The plastic version would be a bit cheaper. It’s similar to the way Apple offers the iPhone 5S and plastic iPhone 5C today.

There have also been rumours that Samsung will put an iris sensor in the Galaxy S5 that will scan your eyes to unlock the device.

Other goodies: Early reports say the Galaxy S5 will have a screen that’s slightly larger than five inches with an ultra-crisp resolution. It’ll also have some zippy internal guts like 3 GB of RAM.

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