Samsung's Next Phone Will Make Android Less Ugly

Samsung isn’t being shy about teasing its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5.

In a tweet, Samsung teased its big announcement on February 24 with a shot of what the new app icons will look like on the phone. It looks like Samsung’s interface had a big makeover in the last year. The icons now look cleaner and adopt the “flat” design scheme popularised by Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system and Apple’s iOS.

Take a look:

This isn’t our first look at the new Samsung software. There have been two other leaks of Samsung’s apps, showing the new flat design.

Here’s a look at the new home screen for the Galaxy S5. It appears to be some sort of digital assistant that shows you relevant information:

And here’s a leaked image of the new S Health fitness monitoring app:

These are all welcome changes. One of Samsung’s biggest weaknesses is software design. The company likes to pack a lot of features into its phones, but they’re often clunky, unattractive, or difficult to use. It was one of the biggest complaints with the current flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, when it launched last year.

Samsung will formally unveil the Galaxy S5 at its event on February 24 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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