First Photos: Samsung's Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4 control panel

Photo: Steve Kovach/Business Insider

Samsung just released the official details of its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4.We have all the features and initial impressions right here, but check out the gallery below for some hands-on photos and a walkthrough of how the GS4 works.

The Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch HD display. The screen is slightly larger than the one on the Galaxy S III. Here's a look at the lock screen.

The home screen is nearly identical to the one on the Galaxy S III. It runs the same Android software, after all.

But Samsung added a lot of exclusive features to the Galaxy S4. Here's the control panel that lets you toggle each feature on and off. We'll go over the most important ones here.

The Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP camera, but the most important features are in the camera software.

The Galaxy S4 uses the same camera interface as Samsung's Android-powered Galaxy Camera. There are several modes to choose from.

You can take photos or video using the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Pretty neat.

Boom! With one tap the blurry photo bomber is gone.

The Galaxy S4's screen can detect your hand even if you don't touch it. This opens up several possibilities like the ability to hover your finger over an email and get a pop-up preview of the message. You can also wave your hand over the screen to answer a call or cycle through songs and photos.

The phone comes with an app called S Health that tracks diet, steps you take, etc. It can also connect to an optional wrist band that Samsung will sell separately. It's very similar to the popular Nike FuelBand fitness monitor.

That little black dot on the top of the phone is an infrared blaster that lets you use the Galaxy S4 as a universal remote for any TV. Let's see how it works.

The Galaxy S4 has a special remote app that pulls in data from your cable provider. All you have to do is tap the show you want to watch and the Galaxy S4 will change the channel. It works with any TV, not just Samsung TVs.

The Group Play app lets you connect to other Galaxy S4 phones so you can swap music, photos, and play games against each other over WiFi. You can link two phones by tapping them together.

You can remove the back cover to swap out the battery.

Here's the Galaxy S4 next to the iPhone 5. The GS4's screen is a full inch larger.

But the Galaxy S4 is also slightly thicker than the iPhone 5.

One more size comparison between the two new rivals.

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