Here's Samsung's Brilliantly Bizarre S4 Event That Had The Tech World Freaking Out

Samsung Unpacked Event 45

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Samsung is often accused of copying Apple. Last night, no one was saying that.Its event to announce the Galaxy S4 was one of a kind. It was the sort of over-the-top ridiculous event that only Samsung would, or could, deliver. It must have cost millions of dollars.

In Radio City Music Hall, with Broadway actors, Samsung set up a bunch of scenes to act out all the new features of its phone.

For the most part it was panned by the techno snoots.

Personally, I thought it was pretty good. It took less than 50 minutes, so it didn’t drag on. It wasn’t yet another boring phone presentation where one guy stands on stage and drones on about specs that even I don’t fully understand before another guy gets on stage and does a boring demo of a new app.

It was certainly weird, but in a lively, fun way.

I watched the presentation again today so you could catch up on what everyone was buzzing about last night.

Then we see Jeremy waking up with that box in his bed

He's driven to Radio City Music Hall where the event is going on. (In real life it was crowded as heck with big lines.)

And then, boom, he's on stage with our host and a big Broadway orchestra.

Our host, Will Chase, asks to see what's in the box. Jeremy says no.

And then, JK Shin, head of Samsung mobile appears.

He soaks it all in before launching into a typical executive speech about the phone.

After all that, Jeremy is back with the box!

JK grabs the phones and ...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

He brags some more about the phone, says its slimmer, lighter, and more solid than the S III.

And then he's gone, and the next Samsung person shows up, Ryan Bidan.

Ryan and Will are our hosts from here on in.

Ryan rips through more details on the phone.

Like the fancy camera, and the blah, blah, blah.

After 11 minutes, when you're ready to fall asleep, things get interesting. Will says, since we're at Radio City Music Hall, let's do something different.

And, bang, the stage opens up and this set appears.

But her Dad doesn't have a Galaxy S4!

She's mad at Dad because his photos won't be kick-butt since his camera isn't a 13-megapixel shooter like the S4.

Will breaks into the scene to talk about some new Samsung camera features.

He shows another family that can take great backstage photos.

You can also record audio which plays in the background of a photo, in case video isn't your thing.

And with that out of the way, we get tap dancing!

Tap dancing is always cool.

Now that we're done tap dancing, we're transported to a train station in Shanghai.

A backpacker, John, meets with an old Chinese man who doesn't speak English.

We skip out of Shanghai into Rio De Janeiro where John's buddy Jeff has a special lady.

Jeff has a Brazilian gal pal named Ana.

He takes a lot of photos of Ana.

Those photos can turned into a photo album

Or easily shared with his buddy John, who he is now hanging with in a Paris airport.

He can also share them wirelessly with his family back home.

Gramps here thinks there are too many pics of Ana and not enough of Brazil.

There was a sideways car on stage in the background for reasons unknown.

Will gets a call from his agent while pretending to drive.

His agent wants a Samsung phone.

But Will also has another agent who is pretending to do work, but apparently is playing racquetball.

This agent walks down the steps and walks past Will making some lame jokes.

Here's a good view of the stage so you get an idea of what the whole set looks like.

Will also gets a call from Vivian, a woman with a shrill voice who wants to be a part of the event.

This is acted out with Will talking to his kid ...

... and his boss on the same the phone. Yes, the same phone!

And then, bango, we're in Miami for a Bachelorette party.

She shows Will the ring, then turns him into a waiter for some reason.

These ladies are stoked.

The use Samsung's Group Share feature to create a playlist for the wedding.

One person can start a song her phone and then it can play on everyone's phones.

This leads to a dance party...

Still dancing...

More dancing...

Nice pose...




ne. Phew.

After dancing they want to video chat with the groom-to-be.

Video chat lets you show front and back cameras, which is demonstrated here.

Next up, the smart pause, which pauses your screen if you turn your head.

This studly gardener shows up, and eventually takes off his shirt.

It distracts this lady, but that's OK because her video pauses as she ogles the dude.

The women joke that they always wanted to end up with a doctor, and this is probably the next best thing.

And finally, we get a demo of some boring Samsung phone cases.

This window into the phone is innovation, Samsung style.

And that's it!

The cast comes back, along with the band, to take a bow.

This wasn't even Samsung's weirdest event

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