Here Are All The Most Important Features In Samsung's New Galaxy S III

samsung galaxy s iii demo

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Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III, is officially official.So what’s so special about it?

We just finished watching Samsung’s keynote and put all the biggest features and goodies together right here.

Here's Samsung President JK Shin with the Galaxy S III

It has a massive 4.8-inch display.

But what sets it apart from other Android phones?

It's 8.6 mm thick and weighs 133 grams.

It can also recognise your face. The display won't go to sleep if you're reading something for an extended period of time. (We really like this feature).

What if you're texting someone and decide to call them instead? Just hold the phone up to your ear and the Galaxy S III will automatically call that person.

The camera software has facial recognition technology that will automatically tag and group your photos. For example, it'll put all your family photos in one album.

There are a lot of sharing options with the Galaxy S III. You can bump two phones together to swap content via NFC. You can also beam content to your TV if you buy an optional HDMI dongle. It's sort of like Apple's AirPlay.

The phone will also automatically share photos to friends you capture.

Now for the camera itself. What else is new?

The audio equaliser helps improve call quality.

The global version of the Galaxy S III will be a 3G device. The U.S. version will be 4G.

But there's more...

You can wirelessly charge the Galaxy S III

S Pebble is an optional MP3 player you can buy for the Galaxy S III. (We're not sure what the point of that is though.)

When can you buy it?

The global version of the Galaxy S III launches in Europe on May 29. The U.S. version will launch this summer, but there's no solid release date.

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