Samsung Galaxy S II: The Phone U.S. Android Lovers Will Be Begging For

galaxy s ii

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We’re still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II to hit the US, but the UK has it now, and reviews are rolling out.Slashgear has the first, and they gave it an amazing review, calling it the best Android phone on the market. (At least for now.)

Samsung had massive success in 2010 with its Galaxy line of Android phones, so the razor-thin Galaxy S II has been eagerly anticipated.

The U.S. was supposed to have the Galaxy S II by now, but it has been delayed several times. Some rumours suggest Samsung is having difficulty negotiating with carriers, so it may not arrive until Q3.

Here’s a taste of what Slashgear had to say:

  • The design is thin, thinner than any other smartphone out there, yet it feels solid in your hand.
  • The Super AMOLED Plus display has excellent picture quality and responds well to touch gestures.
  • The camera stands out for being able to shoot full 1080p HD video. (Most high-end smartphones can only shoot 720p). Both picture and video quality were impressive.
  • There were problems with the keyboard. Samsung replaced Gingerbread’s native keyboard with one that tends to miss letters and spacing.

  • Battery life was impressive, considering the large display and power-hungry dual core processor. Slashgear was able to get more than a day’s use out if it on one charge.

Make sure to read the full review here.

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