Samsung Is Launching Two Android-Powered iPod Touch Wannabes

five inch samsung galaxy player

Photo: Steve Kovach, The Business Insider

Samsung is expanding its line of Android-powered Galaxy devices with two new media players aimed denting the iPod Touch’s dominance.The Galaxy Players come in two screen sizes: four inches and five inches.

We had a chance to test out the Galaxy Players today. Here’s what we thought:

  • As far as functionality, they’re basically smaller versions of Samsung’s seven-inch Galaxy Tab. They have all the same features of any Android device, including access to the Android Market.
  • We were most impressed with the five-inch model. It feels like a nice balance between phone and tablet, and is the perfect size for watching and streaming video.
  • The cameras were pretty weak. Both models have the same 3.2 MP camera, but the quality wasn’t that great.
  • The four-inch model feels just like Samsung’s line of Galaxy Android phones such as the Galaxy S 4G and Nexus S. We still liked the five-inch model better for video.

Here are the rest of the specs. There’s not much difference between the two models other than screen size:

  • Front-facing VGA camera and rear 3.2 MP camera with flash
  • Wifi
  • Compatible with Flash 10.1
  • The four-inch model will be able to make VoIP calls over wifi using Skype
  • HD Video Playback
  • 8 GB of storage, with expandable microSD storage up to 32 GB

There’s still no word on pricing or a specific release date, but Samsung says the Galaxy Players will be available this spring.

Here's the five-inch player. The screen is bright and clear, just like Samsung's Android phones

The five-inch model is noticeably larger than the phones and music players we're used to. But it's still light and the perfect size for watching video on the go.

Here's the back of the five-inch model. It's encased in white plastic with a 3.2 MP camera for photos and video.

The four-inch Galaxy Player looks and feels just like Samsung's Android phones.

Both players will run apps from the Android Market.

BONUS: Here's a peek at Samsung's Series 9 laptop. It's super thin and light, and designed to compete with Apple's MacBook Air. We'll have a review on this soon.

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