You can soon buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in a gorgeous new colour

  • Samsung is releasing a new colour for its Galaxy Note 8 phone.
  • The new colour is called “deepsea blue” and has been available in other countries since the phone launched.
  • Customers in the US can still buy the phone in black and “orchid grey.”

You can soon buy the Galaxy Note 8 in a beautiful new colour.

Samsung announced Wednesday it would be introducing a new colour of the Note 8 for its US market called “deepsea blue.” The colour is a deep, vibrant blue that’s similar the “really blue” colour Google chose for the original Pixel phone.

The new colour will be available on November 16, and customers can buy either carrier-specific devices — from AT&T, Spring, and Verizon — or unlocked versions at Best Buy or on Samsung’s website.

Samsung has a history of releasing specific colours in specific markets, and the Note 8 is no different. According to The Verge, the blue colour has been available in other markets like South Korea and Canada since the phone was initially released, and another colour, “maple gold,” is available in Australia and the UK.

Up until now, US customers have only had the option of black and “orchid grey,” which is similar to lavender.

The Galaxy Note 8 boasts a dual-lens camera, an S Pen for drawing on the screen, an iris scanner, and up until the iPhone X was released, the best display on any smartphone. The Galaxy Note 8 starts at $US930, and can go for as much as $US960 depending on your carrier.

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