Samsung’s Giant Smartphone Passed The Same Bending Test The IPhone 6 Plus Failed

On Tuesday, we started seeing strange reports from some iPhone 6 Plus owners complaining that the phone bends too easily — especially after being stored in your pocket.

Now, gadget-themed YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has decided to investigate whether or not this is a problem affecting all larger-sized smartphones by attempting to bend the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy put the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 through the same stress test that wrecked the iPhone 6 Plus on Tuesday — and it fared much better. The Note 3 bent slightly under pressure, but as soon as Lou stopped trying to bend the phone it went right back to its original state.


During a few points throughout the video, it looks as if the Note 3 was going to nearly snap in half. But, as Unbox therapy demonstrated, the phone was completely functional and left undamaged after the test.


The iPhone 6 Plus, comparatively, looked warped and bent after the same test. When Hilsenteger tried to bend the iPhone 6 Plus back to its normal state, the glass screen started to crack.

Some iPhone 6 Plus owners have reportedly complained that their phones bent after storing them in their front pockets while sitting, according to MacRumors. However, it’s unclear if this is actually possible.

Check out both videos below to see the difference.