Hands-On Photos Of Samsung's New Super Phone, The Galaxy Note II

samsung galaxy note II

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Samsung took the wraps off its U.S. version of the Galaxy Note II today. It’s the update to the phone/tablet hybrid that launched earlier this year.You can check out the full review here, but we also have a guided photo tour of the device for you in the gallery below.

The screen is absolutely huge.

See? The iPhone 5 actually fits inside the Galaxy Note II's screen.

Like most Samsung devices, the Galaxy Note 2 is covered in plastic.

We tested the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Note II. It's packed with a bunch of T-Mobile apps you will never use. Annoying.

The stylus tucks into this little slot in the back.

The S Note app lets you doodle and take notes. But the writing experience is pretty bad. There's a noticeable lag from the time you swipe the pen across the screen and the marking appears.

But the S Pen does have one cool trick. You can hover over drop-down menus on websites. You can't do that on other touchscreen devices with just your finger.

The big screen is great for watching video.

The drop-down menu holds your notifications and basic controls like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There's no need to look at mobile versions of sites when you have a giant screen.

The gallery lets you view your photos in this cool 3D carousel.

The Galaxy Note 2 runs the latest version of Android called Jelly Bean. That means you get Google now, an app that works like Apple's Siri.

You can get one of these flip cases for an extra $40. They come in a bunch of colours.

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