Everything You Need To Know About Samsung's New Nexus Phone Before The Announcement Tonight

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Samsung and Google will unveil the next generation of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, at a big event in Hong Kong tonight.Along with the new OS, we’ll finally get to see the long-awaited “Galaxy Nexus” phone Samsung has been working on all year.

Based on the leaks and rumours we’ve seen, the Galaxy Nexus will boast some powerful specs. On paper, it’s even more impressive than the iPhone 4S.

We’ve also seen a bunch of leaked images and videos of Ice Cream Sandwich, which is designed to run on both phones and tablets.

To get you ready tonight’s big event, we’ve gathered all the Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich facts and rumours we know about.

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Samsung is making the phone (Definitely)

At first, there were a few doubts as to which manufacturer would win the rights to make the next Nexus phone. Now that we have the official invite to the Ice Cream Sandwich announcement from Samsung, we know for sure that the company will be making the Nexus phone for the second year in a row.

We've seen two names commonly thrown around for the next Nexus phone: 'Galaxy Nexus' and 'Nexus Prime.'

Lately, 'Galaxy Nexus' seems to be the name Samsung and Google finally landed on. It makes sense, since Samsung probably wants to tie the phone in to its current 'Galaxy' line of smartphones and tablets.

It will be the first phone running Android's new version, Ice Cream Sandwich (Definitely)

Like the first two Nexus phones, the Nexus Prime will be the first phone to run the latest version of Android. This time, that's Ice Cream Sandwich.

Over time, other devices will begin migrating to the new OS. Since ICS is designed for both smartphones and tablets, there will finally be a unified system for all Android devices. (Just like iOS for Apple's iPad and iPhone.)

It will launch around the end of October or early November (Very likely)

Since the original announcement date of October 11 was pushed back, we're going to bet the Galaxy Nexus launches some time in early November instead of late October. November 2 is the most common date floating around now.

It will launch on Verizon at first (Likely)

Verizon missed out on the big Galaxy S II launch from Samsung. And most think that was a deliberate move to leave space open for the Nexus Prime. Verizon has yet to get a Nexus phone, so it'll be nice for Big Red to get some Google love.

It will have a 4G LTE radio (Likely)

There's no way Samsung/Google will launch a flagship Android phone without making it 4G. If it launches on Verizon, that means LTE. And that means fast.

It will have a screen that can display 720p HD video (Likely)

When news first broke about the Galaxy Nexus, one of the most impressive specs we saw was the display that can play 720p HD video. That's almost unheard of in a mobile device.

Samsung already makes gorgeous displays, so we don't doubt they can pull it off.

There'll be a 5 MP camera that records full 1080p HD video (Very likely)

A 5 MP camera seems pretty weak to us. Most smartphones nowadays have an 8 MP camera. But it's not always about the megapixels. It's about the quality of the lenses. That's where the quality comes from.

Even better, the Galaxy Nexus will be able to record full 1080p HD video.

It won't need home buttons thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich (Likely)

We keep hearing that Ice Cream Sandwich will eliminate any need for those four function buttons found at the bottom of most Android phones. So far, no one has been able to pull off a buttonless phone, not even Apple. Let's see what Google and Samsung can do.

1 GB of RAM, twice the memory in the iPhone 4S (Likely)

With a GB of memory, the Galaxy Nexus will be able to multitask and load web pages in a snap. If Samsung does include a gig of RAM, we're excited to see how the phone performs against the iPhone 4S.

The phone is also rumoured to have a 1.2 GHz processor for managing graphics.

Curved design (Definitely)

Samsung has already outed the Galaxy Nexus design in this teaser video from two weeks ago. It looks like this year's model will have a similar curved glass design as the Nexus S.

BONUS: Here's a leaked video of the Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich

What will Ice Cream Sandwich look like?

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