Samsung made a huge mistake by not making a pink version of its most expensive new phone, the Galaxy Fold

Dave Smith/Business InsiderSamsung’s new Galaxy Fold.
  • Samsung on Wednesday unveiled its most futuristic smartphone yet: a foldable smartphone-tablet hybrid called the Galaxy Fold.
  • The Galaxy Fold starts at $US1,980 – so it’s definitely not for everyone.
  • Unfortunately, Samsung chose to release this phone in only four colours: black, silver, blue, and green.
  • Samsung should have released a pink or rose gold version of the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold is one of the most innovative smartphones we’ve ever seen.

It’s a clever concept: You can use the phone in one hand, like you’d use any phone, but if you want more real estate to look at a map, for instance, or watch a video, the phone opens up into a full-size tablet.

The Galaxy Fold launches in select markets on April 26, which is two months from now. But it won’t be for everyone.

The phone costs $US1,980 to start. To be perfectly clear, that number is its starting price – it only gets more expensive when you upgrade its internals.

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Lots of people will be priced out of this phone. But many others simply won’t be interested because the phone itself doesn’t fit their style.

Samsung Galaxy FoldSamsungThe Galaxy Fold will come in four colours with a swappable hinge colour.

While the Galaxy Fold is beautifully made, its four available colours leave much to be desired. You can buy this phone in black, silver, green, and blue, and you can even customise the colour of the metal hinge that makes this folding concept work in the first place.

But all of the colours look rather dull, and somewhat masculine.

It was a big mistake not to release this phone in a pink, or rose gold colour.

The argument for rose gold

Rose gold iphoneAppleThe iPhone 6S in rose gold.

Back in 2016, a year after Apple released its first iPhone in that rose gold colour – the iPhone 6S – Wired’s David Pierce wrote an excellent story about why rose-gold gadgets are so incredibly popular with customers.

Pierce spoke with Leatrice Eiseman, a colour specialist and the executive director of the Pantone Institute, which names the annual “Colours of the Year.” Eiseman had a really interesting response when Pierce asked about rose gold.

“There’s a lot of research that goes into what colour means,” she said. “When we get to the rose family, we get these same kinds of verbiage: Compassion, composure, warmth, something that draws you in that has great appeal.”

Eiseman went on to explain how rose gold conjures feelings of calm and peacefulness – and that’s important when you’re dealing with technology.

Beats headphones rose goldAppleBeats Solo3 wireless, in rose gold.

Over the years, the tech industry has aimed to make products more warm and likeable. The first computers were cold, alien machines. Today’s computers, like laptops and tablets, aim to be more user-friendly and approachable. Colour, as odd as it may seem, plays a big role there.

Pierce summed it up well when talking about the significance of rose gold tech in his Wired story:

Consumers love it for the subliminal sense of peace and calm it provides in an increasingly hectic world. Companies love it because it conveys opulence and comfort, two things that aren’t easily communicated with a metal rectangle. Ultimately, a rose gold gadget is more than a gadget. It’s a choice, a decision that says something about what you value.

Colour is a fashion statement as well. Rose gold is great because it’s not as gaudy as gold, but it still gives an air of luxury. It’s also stylish, and appeals to all genders – pink may be a traditionally feminine colour, but it doesn’t have to remain that way.

In the last few years alone, the colour pink has played many rolls: the colour of a protest, the colour that briefly defined a generation, and the colour that has pushed the boundaries of men’s fashion.

Russell westbrook jimmy fallon pinkYouTube/The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonNBA All-Star Russell Westbrook is known for his fashion sense.

Altogether, pink tech makes a powerful statement. A simple colour change can make gadgets feel more friendly and approachable, and make people feel like they’re not just buying a piece of tech, but also a fashion accessory. In that sense, a pink or rose gold colour could’ve offered a lot of value in the $US2,000 Galaxy Fold.

Here’s hoping Samsung has a change of heart in the two months between now and the Fold’s release date in late April.

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