Here's when you'll be able to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Samsung will begin sending out pre-order invites for the Galaxy Fold on April 12.
  • The company is sending invites to those who have signed up to receive more information about the phone through Samsung’s website.
  • Samsung is launching pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold two weeks before it’s slated to hit stores.
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Samsung is opening up pre-orders for its nearly $US2,000 Galaxy Fold smartphone on April 12, two weeks before the device’s official launch.

The company says those who have registered for more information about the Galaxy Fold will receive an invitation to reserve the phone on April 12. The phone, which starts at $US1,980, will be available in AT&T, Best Buy, T-Mobile, and Samsung Experience stores starting April 26.

Those interested in signing up can navigate to Samsung’s product page for the Galaxy Fold and select the “Sign Up” button. Samsung will then ask for personal details such as your name, email, and zip code.

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, which it announced alongside the Galaxy S10 in February. It features a 4.6-inch screen when in phone mode that unfolds to serve as a 7.3-inch tablet. The phone has two batteries, which when combined offer a capacity of 4,380 mAh, and includes 12GB of RAM – an unusually high amount of memory for a smartphone.

When unveiling the device, Samsung showcased how certain apps will be able to seamlessly transition between tablet and phone mode. For example, users could unfold the device to get a broader look at a map when using Google Maps without disrupting the experience, as Samsung showed during its presentation.

But Samsung has only showed how the device works through demonstrations so far; media have not been given the opportunity to use the phone. Although the device hasn’t launched yet, a report from Bloomberg indicated that Samsung is working to improve the durability of its Galaxy Fold to correct an issue that causes a crease to form in the screen after being folded about 10,000 times.

Since Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold in February, a few other prominent smartphone makers – including Huawei and Xiaomi– have made announcements about their own foldable devices.

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