LEAKED: Your Best Look Yet At Samsung’s Unreleased Metal Galaxy Phone

Galaxy alpha 4
The Galaxy S5 (left) next to the Galaxy Alpha (right) SamMobile

Samsung is expected to release a new smartphone called the Galaxy Alpha soon, and newly published photos claim to show exactly what the device will look like.

The Galaxy Alpha has been rumoured to feature a metal design unlike Samsung’s previously released smartphones.

Photos published by Samsung blog SamMobile show a smartphone with a metallic band around its edges. It looks similar to the aluminium rim that frames the iPhone.

This contradicts rumours we initially heard about an unreleased device said to be called the Galaxy S5 Prime or Galaxy F, which was believed to have a metallic back panel.

Based on SamMobile’s photos, it seems as if Samsung will keep the same faux-leather dimpled back for the Galaxy Alpha.

The new phone looks similar to the Galaxy S5, but seems to feature a more square shape compared to Samsung’s rounded flagship.

The Galaxy Alpha will reportedly come with a 4.7-inch display, which is slightly smaller than the Galaxy S5 and the same size as the first-generation HTC One, according to SamMobile.

Samsung is expected to market this as more premium alternative to the Galaxy S5 Mini, although it’s unclear exactly how much it will cost. Like the S5, it will also have a fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy Alpha is expected to debut in August, and here’s a look at what the device might look like courtesy of SamMobile.

The website cautions that this may not be the final design.

Galaxy alpha 6
The Galaxy Alpha SamMobile
Galaxy alpha 1
The Galaxy S5 (left) next to the Galaxy Alpha (right) SamMobile

Be sure to check out the full report at SamMobile for more photos.