Samsung has finally fixed an issue that caused a stylus to break one of its phone

Samsung has finally fixed an issue with the S Pen, the stylus that is bundled with the Galaxy Note series of phones, that broke the handset, Ars Technica reports.

The S Pen, if inserted backwards, got stuck inside the Note 5, essentially breaking the device and stopping customers from using the stylus. Samsung initially put a sticker on the screen of the device warning the user but has now fixed the phone hardware.

The S Pen is designed like a pen, with a “wedge” end and a thinner end for the nib. When inserted into the slot at the bottom of the Note, the wedge end became stuck. Samsung has now fitted a plastic flap that prevents the wrong end becoming stuck.

Samsung did not make it clear if current Note 5 users would get a free fixed model.

Samsung is currently in the process of refreshing its line of Galaxy smartphones, including the Note, Edge, and Galaxy model. The next generation handsets are expected to be bigger and faster, but retain a similar design to the current models.

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