People who owned the Galaxy Note 7 are excited for the Note 8 despite last year’s battery debacle

Owners of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had the phone taken out of their hands thanks to a worldwide recall. Despite that, they’re the consumers most excited about the device’s successor.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 on Wednesday, less than a year after it was forced to discontinue and recall the device’s predecessor due to exploding batteries. Samsung’s reputation took a big hit with the Note 7, and the new phone, which is due in stores on September 15 and will start at $US960, is tasked with winning back consumers.

As indicated by this chart from Statista — which is based on a recent survey of US consumers conducted by Creative Strategies and SurveyMonkey — it’s already heading in the right direction. Although most consumers surveyed are sceptical of the new phone, Note 7 owners — i.e., the ones most affected by the recall — appear more than willing to forgive Samsung.

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