Samsung’s DROID Charge Launch Is Delayed Today Thanks To Verizon 4G Failure

samsung droid charge android phone

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UPDATE: Samsung just told us the DROID Charge will not launch today due to the 4G outage.

Although Verizon just got the network working again, Samsung must be pretty disappointed considering it has a huge Twitter marketing campaign surrounding the launch.

EARLIER: Today Verizon is supposed to launch its second 4G phone, the Samsung DROID Charge.

But because its 4G network has been down for about two days now, Verizon says it can’t activate 4G phones until the problem is fixed.

That means people who ordered the Charge won’t be able to activate their phones today. And it’s likely in-store customers won’t be able to buy the phone until the network is back up.

If you own currently own a 4G phone, Verizon says you’ll still be able to make calls, but could experience data speeds at “1x,” which is slower than 3G.

We asked Verizon if it plans to continue selling 4G devices today (including the HTC Thunderbolt), and will let you know when we hear back.

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