Samsung Brings Back Ronaldo And Messi To Save Humanity From An Alien Invasion

Samsung released the dramatic conclusion to its months-long alien invasion saga Tuesday with a six-minute video chronicling the second half of what the company is calling the most important soccer match ever.

The video is part of a larger series created by the mobile company following a dream team of soccer players as they attempt to fight off a group of space invaders planning to enslave the human race.

The previous instalment in the series left off at halftime with the human team — led by stars like Lionel Messi, Landon Donovan, and Cristiano Ronaldo — behind by a score of 3-1.

The finale — which of course shows off Samsung products like the Galaxy S5 smartphone — opens with manager Franz Beckenbauer talking strategy with his team and preparing them for the second half.

Things start well when the humans score early in the half, and get even better when Wayne Rooney ties the game with a second goal in the 88th minute.

Rooney follows with a rough tackle, giving up a penalty kick near the goal. Luckily, super goalie Iker Casillas saves the day.

As the game draws to a close, Ronaldo comes to the rescue, scoring the team’s fourth goal.

The match ends shortly after the goal that puts the Galaxy team up 4-3, and celebration ensues. The ad concludes 50 years down the road with an older Messi and Ronaldo looking at the sky, only to find another alien spaceship approaching Earth.

So perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Samsung’s animated soccer-themed films.

Here’s the full ad:

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